6th-Grade Activities

August 8, 2007

6th-Grade Schedule

2 Day Program
(The day and time slots are interchangeable)

Day 1

Students will learn to keep warm in Winter by:
-- making group decisions.
-- building a one match fire using available materials found in the forest.
-- dressing appropriately

Lunch – outside if weather permits

Students will learn to:
-- build a shelter using available materials found in the forest. Branches from used Christmas trees and natual debris will be made available to students.
-- the knots necessary in building shelters.

Day 2

Students will spend the entire day in a designated survival area. They will work together cooperatively in small groups without teacher assistance but with teacher supervision. The survival experience will include:
-- choosing a site in the survival area.
-- building a shelter.
-- building a one match fire.
-- heating food over the fire.
-- the importance of leaving the area as clean as it was found – if not cleaner.

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May 9, 2006

Dressing for Cold Weather


-- Wear a hat to prevent heat loss from your head.
-- Cover all body areas that man touch anything, such as hands and feet, with non-conducting material.
-- Wear a wind-breaking outer layer, such as nylon, to keep out wind.
-- Wear a “wicking” inner layer. Wool and polypropylene are such materials. Cotton, when wet, will not keep you warm.
-- Remember, dress in layers. Layers of clothing will trap air next to you and keep you warm. Tight clothing will not do this and will cut off circulation, making you prone to cold and frostbite.

Suggested Clothing

Hat (preferably wool)
Mittens (preferred to gloves)
Lined rubber boots (Sorrel type or snowmobile boots are examples)
Winter coat (with hood)
Light socks and wool socks, bring an extra pair.
Thermal long underwear or extra layer of pants.
Corduroy or woolen pants (strongly preferred to jeans)
Snowpants or snowmobile suit
Turtleneck and sweater

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April 6, 2006

Design a Shelter to Keep Warm in Winter

As part of the Winter Survival program at ECOS, students learn how to construct a shelter to keep warm in winter. They are supplied with ropes and tarps which they learn to combine with materials found in the forest to design and construct their shelters. We would like to offer an exciting way to prepare students for their two day adventure.

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