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August 8, 2007

Floating and Sinking

Standard(s): Science and Technology/Engineering
Strand # 4 Technology/Engineering
Learning Standard # 1: Identify materials used to accomplish a design task based on a specific property, (i.e. weight, strength, hardness, and flexibility)
Learning standard # 2: Identify relevant design features (e.g. size, shape, weight) for building a prototype of a solution to a given problem.

Standard(s): Mathematics
Learning Standard 6.M.3:
Solve problems involving proportional relationships and units of measurement (e.g. same systems unit conversions, scale models, maps and speed).

Standard(s): English Language Arts
Strand: Composition
Learning Standard # 19: Writing - Students will write with clear focus, coherent organization, and sufficient detail.
Strand: Language
Learning Standard #2: Questioning, listening, and contributing Students will pose questions, listen to the ideas of others, and contribute their own information or ideas in group discussions or interviews in order to acquire knowledge.

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