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June 6, 2006

5th-Grade Schedule

2 Day Program
(The day and time slots are interchangeable)

Day 1

Starting at the Clifford A. Phaneuf Environmental Center, students will follow the water in Porter Lake to the Connecticut River. During the hike students will explore:
-- how a drop of water trapped in a cloud ends up in the Connecticut River.
-- weathering, erosion and delta formation.
-- The Everett H. Barney Estate and develop an appreciation for life in the 19th century.
-- a fast moving stream by sailing rafts they made before coming to ECOS. (See Design of Raft information)

Lunch Outside if weather permits

Students will study adaptations of plants and animals in various habitats by:
-- using microscopes and magnifiers
-- discovering how seeds move
-- observing mammal skulls

Day 2

Students will discover changes in the forest habitat by:
-- following the life cycle of a tree from seed to soil.
-- observing different types of soil.
-- using microscopes and magnifiers.

Lunch Outside if weather permits

Wrap up activities
Any number of activities to help students understand:
-- how all habitats are constantly changing.
-- the difference between natural change and change made by people.

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